The Magic


Welcome to Hollenbaugh Photography, the home of bespoke first-rate stunning pictures. We go beyond the traditional scope of just taking a photograph by creating an unforgettable photography experience for our valued clients.

Every day, we add a new customer to our growing list of satisfied clients. The reason is simple. Hollenbaugh Photography creates the magic you seek with bespoke images oozing quality and beauty. Quality of service and excellence of craft are our watchwords.

Hollenbaugh Photography is committed to creating custom images of you that are nothing short of consummate pieces of art. We don’t just take photographs; we create flawless art in the form of your images.

Every day, we get amazing testimonials and loads of referrals from our satisfied clients. 

Customer service is the cornerstone of our business, we take it very seriously and ensure our clients not only get the best high quality images but also the best photography experience of their life.

You can read some of our client testimonials on the review page in order to get a peek into what you can expect when you let us handle your senior portraits and professional headshot images.

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