Professional Head Shots

Head shots custom-tailored to fit your specific needs. It's about the light!

Get your Professional Head Shots done right the first time at Hollenbaugh Photography in Boise Idaho. Great professional headshot images don’t happen by accident. No, there’s a special technique and science behind it.

Our team at Hollenbaugh Photography have mastered this technique such that you can rest assured we will get it done the right time in our studio. 

Are you looking to take a professional headshot either for a magazine or for the about the author section of your book? Perhaps you even need a professional headshot for digital purposes―for your personal website or your organisation’s online portal? 

Whatever the purpose, Hollenbaugh Photography has got you covered. 

With a solid foundation of photography expertise refined with vast experience spanning close to three decades, Hollenbaugh Photography is your number one destination for high-quality images that reflect your unique beauty. 

To see the quality of some of the stunning professional headshots we have photographed for our esteemed clients, kindly check the gallery page. Most of our clients end up confessing they don’t believe a professional headshot could be that good. It’s what we do.